Here's what some folks had to say* ...


Colin, you've outdone yourself this time! I figured that you knew what you were talking about when it came to online marketing, since I had already bought a product at another website of yours!

So I guess THAT in itself, was proof enough to me that your formula works. However I really didn't expect the fantastic information that this book laid out. Great job once again!
Susan Moffatt - Berlin, Germany


To be honest I really just intended to send for my free gifts "just for visiting" your site. However, I was then sold on your "Formula" by your follow up messages ... am I ever glad I bought access to this! Excellent customer service by the way!
T. Shih - Hong Kong



I was so impressed by your book, (I actually made my first website in about an hour. ME! Can you believe it?!) that I decided to become a "reseller" of yours.

Using your strategies and sales aides, I just made my first two sales! Believe it or not, those two sales were enough to make my business, in your words: "Self funded"!

That wasn't surprising though, since my whole business cost me absolutely NOTHING to set up!
Karen Williams - Detroit, Michigan


Hey Colin ... Just a note to tell you that even though "skeptic" is my middle name, I decided to "take the plunge" so to speak and get your book.

This is primarily because I thought that you sounded "different" from the multitude of sites out there trying to sell you something or another!
I must tell you that I've never written anyone a comment about their product, but YOUR information actually delivers! Everything from getting online, to getting people to come visit!

I've learned more about online marketing in a relatively short period of time than I ever dreamed possible! For the approximate cost of a night out at the pub, I've made my business pay for itself! Thanks!
Kevin "skeptic" Morgan - Cardiff, Wales, UK.


Ok! I'll admit it! I bought access to your book just to get the bonuses. In browsing, I had come across several of the very same bonuses that you were giving away, selling for anything from US $19.00 to US $ 37.00 each!

So you weren't kidding when you said that they themselves were worth over $300! As such, I thought that this would be a great way to get them for free, PLUS your book might be of some benefit! (Hey I'm just being honest here!)

It turns out that your book is the best! It helped me to set up my very first online business and such the bonuses turned out to be just that, BONUSES! I'm loving it!
BT Colgan - Perth, Austrailia


Hi Colin, Elena Pincham here just writing you to tell you that before I came across your book, it seemed to me that nobody was catering for people who might not have all the money in the world to start a real business.

Most of the time, FREE means CRAP! So I was actually surprised to find that the "FREE" resources that you recommend, actually work! More importantly, the strategies which make up your formula is what ties everything together, and makes this thing really work!
E. Pincham - Toronto, Canada


Dear Colin,

I just wanted to drop you a line to commend you on your excellent customer service! One of the things that I have to overcome when buying anything off the Internet, is my natural skepticism about whether their "offer" is REALLY what they say it is.

I mean, I don't mind paying for something if it actually lives up to it's advertising! So I guess it boils down to how much credibility the website/company has.

In my mind there's nothing that builds credibility like great customer service! You were very prompt, open and straightforward in your correspondence with me and I was very impressed by that. It really is a sad situation when great customer service is the exception rather than the rule.

Anyway needless to say, after buying access to your book, I was VERY impressed by the content! Your recommendation and advice on "Guaranteed Traffic" alone probably saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks again!

"Dusty" Taylor, Austin Texas, USA.

P.S. My only regret is that I didn't order access sooner but at least I beat the price increase to $67! (By the way, I think it's worth 10 times what you're charging but hey, I'm a cheapskate!)

I have a marketing website of my own and was not getting the results I wanted, especially in the area of "building traffic". I bought access to your information just to see if I could improve that area through your formula.
Anyone who genuinely wants to learn how to set up their own home business marketing "Info Products", that asks for a refund, should be ashamed of themselves.
Just that one strategy about "Ezine Advertising", saved me a week's worth of time! Now that I've bought it ... you SHOULD raise the price! :)
S. Venkataragavan - New Delhi, India


Thank you for introducing me to this product! I had realized that MLM was not for me and was getting quite fed up and disillusioned about this whole Internet money making thing.

Your information has since given me a clear, step by step, affordable way to start my own successful business! Best of all?
I don't have to talk to anyone and I don't have to rely on anyone doing their part in my business. My success depends totally on me, which is the way it should be!
Carlos Ortega - Miami, Florida


As a complete novice to this whole Internet thing, one of the main reasons that I bought access to your book was because your sincerity really came across on your website ...

The fact that you listed your contact information added to that. In my short experience online, the "marketing websites" that I've found all seem to hide behind the Internet so to speak.

They never seem to have any real contact information except an email address and maybe a P.O. Box for a contact address.

This had made me quite leery about buying anything from them in the past, since I almost feel as if they could just "pack up shop" at any time and disappear! Yours is a refreshing change!

However more importantly ... Your Formula works! It's soooo refreshing to actually come across a product that actually lives up to its promise!
This information is fantastic for someone like me who knows nothing about the Internet. (Except that some people are getting rich off it!)

Thank you for this valuable information, as whoever thought that I could market anything! (I'm a librarian!) Even though I got it at the introductory price of $27, I agree that you should raise the price to US $47 since people don't mind paying for something ... as long as it does what it says it will!
Sharon De Alvarez - San Juan, Puerto Rico


Colin, as a "newbie" (see I'm even learning the North American terms now!) I don't know much about this whole Internet thing. As such, I was concerned that I might not be able to relate to the information.

However I was relieved to find that you laid it out in clear every day language and not a lot of "technical jargon"!
Your strategies also made a lot of common sense, which I guess is why they work so well. I guess that's the reason you say "The genius is in the simplicity"!

I've been searching the Net for a little while now for a true HOME BASED business where I could really make money from the comfort of my home. (I'm a stay at home mom with two small children)

So often when you really investigate a so called "home business", you find out that it entails doing at least SOME stuff outside the home! This is truly an opportunity which doesn't.

Oh by the way, it's funny because when I had read that the price was being raised since it was the "introductory" price, I thought that you were only saying that to get people to buy right away!

However, am I glad that I ordered when I did. I had checked back two days after I'd ordered and the price WAS raised to $37!

After seeing another site promising similar information for $129, it's no wonder you're raising yours!

After going through your information, I realized that I got a "steal" at $27! Feel free to post this letter if you wish!
Sherry Wickersfield - Bristol, England


I'm amazed as to how simple this really is! I've got to tell you that I've always hated anything to do with sales and marketing. Even though I've always heard that "it's where the big money is at", I've never thought I could do it.
However after reading your formula, I realize that this has nothing to do with the type of sales and marketing that most average people like myself think about when we hear the word "sales"!

Thank you for your excellent information. Now I don't feel like I have to be an "Anthony Robbins" to do this! As a nurse, I've impressed myself by making $300 last week!
Tracy Parmanand. US Virgin Islands



Well, I couldn't even pay for testimonials like that! These are just some of the people who have written to say how pleased they are with this information.

You'll notice that a couple of folks above bought way back at introductory prices, when the information had 1/3 of the content that it has now. Yet because this book is updated for free, they get all the "added value" even though they paid introductory prices! Just like them, YOU benefit from future updates for FREE too!


So what are YOU waiting for? :)  

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Don't suffer from "Paralysis by Analysis" ... just do it! :) After you order access to "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success", you'll realize that even you can make big money online, and enjoy it, despite whatever background you might have!


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