Ok, you're a SKEPTIC ... but that's GOOD!

I know that you've probably visited many "money making" sites that appear somewhat "similar" to mine. Therefore you're skeptical, because you've heard all the "Pie In The Sky" promises and ridiculous claims from folks all promising to teach you what to do to get rich.

I get the offers too!  I almost fell out of my chair the other day when I saw one promising that I can make six million dollars within the next six months! Unfortunately even a lot of the so called "legitimate" opportunities out there involve a lot of "THEORY". 

The question is ... are THEY making money with the very "Strategies", "Systems" and "Latest Ground Floor Opportunities" that they're trying to sell YOU on? Most times, the only money they're actually making (if any) is from the ACTUAL "money making information" that they're trying to sell YOU!


                        How do I know this? 


Well ... let's think about this for a second. Why else would they not show you PROOF that THEY are getting results from the very programs or info that they're so willing to sell to YOU? Everyone knows that if you can PROVE that you know your stuff, people are more likely to follow your lead.

That's just COMMON SENSE! Believe me, the folks behind the "Get Rich Quick Schemes" out there know this as well. So why are they not showing you the proof?

Because they DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF!

This is the main way in which I differ from the rest ... I only make claimsthat I can back up ... period. If you read what I say on this site,you'll realize that I make 3 main claims. They follow:

                                    CLAIM #1

I'll teach you to set up your own MONEY MAKING website that sells ... period. See, even IF you get qualified or targeted folks to your site, you still have to get them to BUY. I'll show you how to set up a website utilizing some key resources that will accomplish this.

I'll also teach you how to write amazing "sale copy" to get people to WANT to buy whatever you're selling. I'll also show you some other "things" to add that can increase sales dramatically! Just adding ONE "thing" in particular can double your sales!

                                     CLAIM #2

I'll teach you how to get FREE qualified traffic to that website. To make money online in Information Products Marketing (or almost anything else online for that matter) you have to be able to get traffic. Not just any traffic ... but QUALIFIED traffic. Visitors who will BUY what you're selling.

What's the problem with getting targeted traffic? Most often time you have to advertise, and that can be very EXPENSIVE! I'll show you HOW and WHERE you can get effective, targeted, qualified traffic for free ... or worse case scenario ... for next to nothing in cost!

                                     CLAIM #3

I'll teach you how to sell OTHER people's HOT products. Even if you don't want to set up your own website and product ... I'll show you exactly how to make money off of other people's products. It's called affiliate marketing.

However, there are affiliate programs ... and then there are affiliateprograms. Trust me ... not all are created equal. I'll give yousuggestions as to the best ones to sell. Ones that I've personallytested myself.


                                The BEST part is ...


The resources you need to do all of the above will cost you nothing or next to nothing. I'll lead you to FREE or very inexpensive resources that you'll need to do all this.


Join my mailing list for free, by going back to the page you came from, (You'll also get TWO free gifts ... one of which will blow your mind and get you making money for FREE.) and you'll see the PROOF of what I mean by that.

Yes ... that's right, I even give people free weekly resources in my free weekly newsletter ... "The Straight Talker's Forum". (S.T.F) Am I crazy? No ... on the contrary, this makes my subscribers realize that if this is the stuff that I'm giving to them ... can you imagine what I'm doing for my customers!

Mind you ... these are NOT the main resources thatyou'll need, but some pretty awesome tools.For instance I've given away to my subscribers the exact same screencapture software that I used to capture the "proof images" that' you'll be seeing next!

Alright ... enough of this "talk" already! Let me SHOW YOU PROOF of the three main claims that I make.

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