To order by International Postal Money Order or Cashiers Check, please follow the steps below:


                    "MAIL IN" ORDER FORM

STEP 1. Copy and paste this entire form (between the dotted separator line above and the one at the bottom) into your word processor or email "compose" function. Please DO NOT send as an attachment!

STEP 2. Fill in all the blanks.

STEP 3. Email the completed form to with the phrase "Order By Mail For Tightwad Access" in the subject field. This will help me to track your order when it arrives.

STEP 4. Print the completed form.

STEP 5. Sign the "Guarantee Agreement".

STEP 6. Attach a Money Order or Cashiers Check in US funds only for US $67 payable to Colin Moses. Note: Personal checks and non US currencies will not be processed.

STEP 7. Mail the entire form along with your payment to:

Colin G Moses 
45 Barrymore road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

Please complete the fields below. Your information will never be sold, rented, shared, or given to anyone. 

Name _____________________

Email address ____________________

Country ____________________

Guarantee Agreement.

I understand that I am eligible for a 30 day *no questions asked* money back guarantee. 

It is my understanding that if I'm not satisfied for any reason, with this purchase of online access to "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success", I will be refunded in full.

I also understand that once the date of my email refund request is within 30 days of the date of the email that I receive with my access Url and passcode, (which represents acknowledgement of receipt of my purchase) I am eligible for a refund.

Signed: ______________________



Thank you for your order. You will receive your access URL link by email within 24 hours after your payment has been received. Please be patient as regular mail can be very slow ... unless of course you courier your payment! 

Colin G. Moses.



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