That simply means that if you don't feel that this book has helped you to get a fully automated money making online business up and running for virtually no cost ... 


        Your money will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked!                        

                   Not only that but ...

On credit card and online check orders, this isn't some "typical" money back guarantee either.  It's a 90 day money back guarantee! 

Therefore if you feel that you didn't get value for your money ... you can get a refund anytime within 90 days of your purchase!  So *buy it* now ... (even if just to lock in the current price!) *try it* and if you don't like it ... you get a refund! 

        How can I offer such a guarantee? 

Simple!  I'm so excited about what you can create with this info (which I'm 100% sure delivers more value than US $67 ... that's why the price is going back up any day now!) that I have no qualms about giving you a full 90 days to try this out ... risk free!   
When you see how the end result of applying this *Formula*, will blow away any preconceptions you may have had about "marketing" and specifically making money online, then it'll become crystal clear why I can offer such a guarantee! The results of this information speak for themselves and because of that ...
Folks just don't take advantage of my money back guarantee! 

There are two reasons for this ... One is value.  The other reason for this phenomenal situation is because my customers realize that this is NOT a *Get Rich Quick Scheme*!  

My customers are people just like yourself, serious about taking advantage of the Internet's vast money making potential! As such, they realize that this information is all about building a REAL successful money making online business ... but for next to nothing in cost!

                               Note ...

Again, the above 90 day guarantee applies only to credit card and online check orders.  Unfortunately due to accounting logistics, I can only offer a 30 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on International Postal Money Order and Cashier Check orders.

         Here's my contact information ... 

In the unlikely event that you do want a refund, had any questions or just wanted to tell me how pleased you are with the product, you can call, write or email me, since as you've probably noticed, I don't hide behind the anonymity of the web! :-)

Mailing Address:

Colin Moses
c/o Aqua Enterprises,
67 Amroth Ave, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada.  M4C 4H3

Direct line:  416 726 4482  ( Monday - Friday.  11am to 5pm EST) Or click here to email me!

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