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"The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success" will help you to make it happen by teaching you step by step how to ... 

- Create your own brand name ... for next to nothing!

- Create and maintain a simple, yet effective money making website within minutes. Hint: There's a HUGE difference between an *Ecommerce site* and the kind I'm talking about!

You don't have to have a stitch of technical knowledge to do it, plus you'll be able to do it for free!

- Create your very own "Info Product" that people will want! Create it for free! 

- Don't want to create your own product? No problem! The book will show you how you can market other peoples' *hot selling* Info Products! You can use their * sales pitch*, their website, their delivery methods and their collections! You can do this for free! 

- If you were to take that option … or even if you’re already an affiliate marketer, I’ll show you a resource that’ll stop the 327% leak in traffic that the average affiliate marketer is experiencing, without them even knowing it. 

This translates into a 60% “leak” in their income. This won’t happen to you! In other words, if you and another affiliate marketer were to promote the same product, the exact same way … you can earn more than double their commissions!

This will be the result of just using my simple little strategy coupled with this resource. (most people don’t utilize it) Bottom line? More money for you!

- The information will also show you the “numbers” to this business. Every business has it’s own numbers … It’s been said that once you know the numbers to a business, you can write your own paycheck! This is no exception.

I’m gonna give you the numbers that took me one and a half years to learn. You’ll know them in twenty minutes! Again … More money for you!

- It'll also show you how to ... take advantage of EFFECTIVE free advertising which will take little or no time! 

- How to track this advertising to see which campaign is more effective than others ... automatically and free! 

- Learn a simple yet extremely powerful formula for setting up your website's "sales page" which can make the difference between "average" income and "huge" income! Bottom line? More money for you! 

- Add *something* to your website that can increase your sales by over 300% ... for free! Bottom line? More money for you! 

- Add *something* to the email account that you use right now ... which will enable you to make up to US $30.00, every time someone else purchases access to the "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success"! 

It's probably the easiest money you'll ever make from the Net! This TOO is free and requires none of your involvement! Again, more money for you! 

- Create a FREE viral advertising campaign for your product and business which can automatically (without any involvement from you) duplicate itself ... thereby advertising your business hundreds and eventually, hundreds of thousands of times across the Internet!


  That's only a FRACTION of what you'll learn!

- This information will also show you how to make "order processing" of your product totally automatic, without any involvement from you!

- Price your product a certain way that can literally double your sales! Bottom line? More money for you!

- Your *Prospect Database* is more valuable than your product AND your website! That's because you can offer any product and/or service to it, to get sales over and over again. I call it *Ready Made Traffic*.

My information will show you how to create a data base of thousands of targeted prospects within a matter of days ... automatically while you sleep! Bottom line? Much, MUCH more money for you! 

- Use a tool to "qualify" these prospects for your product or service ... automatically, (without any involvement from you) for free!

- This tool will also follow up and keep in touch with these potential customers for you ... automatically without your physical involvement, for free!

- Take advantage of technology to get 1000's of people to sell your products for you, creating "hands off income" for you! This system is automatic (without any involvement from you) and free! Bottom line? More money for you!                                      

     There're still more BENEFITS for you!

It'll also teach you how to ...

- Instantly deliver your product to your customers ... without any involvement from you ... and at no cost to you!

- Accepting credit card orders from customers at your website can increase your sales by up to 50%!  Forget expensive credit card merchant accounts ... I'll show you how you can set this up for FREE! Bottom line? More money for you!

- Hey ... but wait a minute. Not everyone has a credit card. No problem .... I'll also show you how to set up online check processing capabilities. Again more money for you!

- It'll give you access to a tool which will automatically follow up on your prospects that didn't buy, thereby increasing the chances of them converting into customers ... by up to 800%! Best part? This requires no input from you and it's free! Bottom line? More money for you!

- I'll also show you how to make your new business "Self Funding"! This will ensure that you'll never incur any "out of pocket" expenses in order to keep it profitable! 

- Free updates!  The book will be updated whenever I find new resources that work for me. This keeps you constantly up to date! Forget those outdated Ebooks whose information is obsolete within six months of them being written.

   Just ONE strategy will show you how to ... 

- Get a whopping 33% of all your visitors to IMMEDIATELY become your affiliates.

- Get 90% of all your customers to become your affiliates within 20 minutes of purchasing! 

- Get 100% of your affiliates advertising for you LITERALLY within minutes of becoming your affiliates. 

- Get traffic from the top search engines without even being listed! 

- DOUBLE your TARGETED traffic OVERNIGHT ... for FREE! 

- THIS new traffic will now create even MORE traffic to any site you want, WITHOUT linking out to that site ... for FREE! 



So ... what's this information worth to YOU?  


What does a REAL business cost nowadays to set up? At least a few hundred ... up to thousands of dollars right? And THEN you have to advertise! All that for the right to not turn a profit for 5 years! 

THIS *Formula* will take you by the hand and show you “step by step” how to set up a real online business with no overhead, which can make you $90 to $150 per day, 365 days a year. What would THAT be worth to you?   What would a strategy that increased the income of just ONE of my websites, from about $1,600 to about $4,000 a month ... almost overnight, be worth to you? 

In addition to the *Formula* ... what would resources worth over $1,000 (that you get for free!) be worth to you? Of course I can’t charge you $1,000, so I’ll charge you what you’ll save by using just one of the resources that I reveal … $97.                 

So that's it.  That's my price ... $97.  


I'm sure that you'll agree that it's a "steal" at that price. After all we are talking about setting up a BUSINESS here. Before the advent of the Internet it would have been unheard of to set up a successful business for less than $100!


             But wait! IF you buy today ...


You'll be able to get access for a special price! See, I want to take away ANY excuse that you might have for not purchasing access RIGHT NOW ... so I'll make it easier for you if you’re willing to take action now! If you purchase right now ... You can have access to this info for just $67! 


 You save 30% OFF the regular price ... today  


I don’t know how long I can give this away at this price, so you must take action immediately! Can you imagine if you book marked this site, then came back tomorrow to buy and the price had gone back up to $97?  You'd be kicking yourself!  Since you have no risk because of my no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, make sure you lock in your $30 saving today.  

You must order right now to get the special price!


              Still having some doubts?


I totally understand! That's why I've taken the risk completely out of this offer.  As I mentioned earlier, there's an unconditional no questions asked 100% money back guarantee! Click here for details.

               Still not enough reasons?

Ok, if you order before midnight tomorrow, I'll include not two, not five, not ten ... but thirteen bonuses absolutely free! The total value of all your bonuses? Over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Click here to preview your bonuses.

In the event that you just don't believe that I really can show YOU how to make money online ... 

I'm going to do something that I've never seen ANYONE ELSE DO ... I'm going to show you proof that I can back up the claims I make on this site.  

In all my browsing on the net ... I've never seen any "money making" sites show any proof, that THEY'RE successfully doing what they claim to be able to teach YOU to do!  

Maybe they need you to "purchase" or "join" (or whatever their deal is) in order to make money? Hmmm ... food for thought huh? :-)




To YOUR success,

Colin G Moses.


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