As a "Reseller" or "Affiliate" of mine you will earn 50% on every single sale of "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success"!

As a matter of fact this very website will help you to sell it for YOUR benefit!

Instantly Earn 50% of the cost of access to the information! The best part is that the reseller program is FREE!

100% free to sign up! It's easy to make 3 or more sales per day! Advertise the book and make 50% on every single sale!

This will probably be the easiest income you'll earn over the Internet. Since I've introduced this book, its sales have tripled any of my other products!

With a limited amount of advertising, the course is selling over 300% more than even I expected, so don't be left behind! It's outsold all my other products combined.


Well, there's a universal common denominator among people. Remember the three FACTS?

FACT!  95% of people want to make extra money!
FACT!  95% of people just don't know how!
FACT!  95% of people don't want to spend a lot to do it!

"The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success" addresses all those issues!


                          How it works  ...

Even though I strongly recommend that you should purchase access yourself first, before you become a reseller (since our best resellers are all customers) you can join my reseller program whether you've purchased it or not.

All you have to do is link your "Reseller Link" to your website or use it in your advertising. Every time someone clicks on the link, comes to and purchases access to the book, you will receive 50% of the cover price!


                  Don't have a website ... YET?

See I told you that you'll do best if you had bought access yourself! :-) Access to the course will help with that! (among a million other things!) However, all you really need is your "RESELLER LINK".

This is the link that you would have posted to your site had you had one. However, you can put this same link in any ADS you might place, anywhere!

You can print it on your business cards, your flyers, use it in your email and ezine advertising, an ad in the paper, online classifieds .... Basically any form of advertising ... EXCEPT SPAMMING!


              Why such a high commission rate?

Well, it's pretty simple really ... I really believe that people will obviously be more attracted to an offer, the better the incentive is. Sometimes it just may not be worth the effort to do something, if the payback isn't high enough!


                         Who really pays me?

An independent company called ClickBank handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. They are an extremely reliable company and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

They're the ones who administer my Reseller program for me and I even use them myself to process all my direct sales of all my websites!

To join the "RESELLER/AFFILIATE" program you just need to sign up with ClickBank (details below), and it's QUICK, EASY and FREE to do this!

         How often and exactly when do I get paid?

ClickBank sends out checks twice a month. All you need is a minimum of $10 in your account and they will send a check to you!

You can check your commissions at any time ... in "real time" (as they occur) since ClickBank has an online statistics facility with real time updates! I suggest a tour of the ClickBank site once you register.

Remember, one of your bonuses for purchasing my book is the FREE email "Masters Affiliate Course" which gives you the "insider secrets" to becoming a high earning affiliate or reseller!

Keep in mind that your only job is really to advertise the book. Everything else is done for you! I answer any questions the customers may have, fulfill their orders and finalize the sale for you!

Clickbank then sends you a check every two weeks, for the sales you've made. Like I mentioned before you can take advantage of their "REAL TIME ONLINE STATISTICS FACILITY" by logging on to your account and viewing your real time stats anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


                                How do I start?

      2 SIMPLE, FAST and EASY Steps!  "Sign Up" and "Test"! 

Of course if you're already a ClickBank client, just use your existing ClickBank "account nickname" and start from Step 2!

Step 1. Fill out a simple "Sign Up" form, which should take less than 5 minutes. You will have to choose an "account name", which they call an account "nickname".

Your nickname will be a part of your Reseller "sales link" that we were talking about earlier that you use in spreading the word. Since it will be seen by your customers, you might want to give it some thought prior to filling out the form! :)

Go here to sign up! This will cause a new browser screen to open ... after you've signed up you'll be taken directly to my *Reseller Support* page.


When you're finished there, you can come back here by just closing that new screen. Just click the little x box at the top right hand corner of your computer screen to close it.

Once you open your account keep your "account nickname" in a safe place. When you sign up, your *sales link* will be generated automatically for you! Below is how your sales link will look, with the only difference being that your actual account nickname takes the place of *thenicknameyouchoose*!

So if the Clickbank account nickname you chose was "tigger", your link will look exactly like this:


Note!  The name immediately after the ? in the link is person who owns the link and therefore the person who gets paid.  It's designed to be fully automatic!

Step 2. Back already? See how quick and painless that was? :-)
Now do a "live" test to see if your link is set up right, so that you're going to get credited for all the sales through it. This test will show you exactly how it works whenever someone visits my site through you!

Use your own link ...
(assuming your nickname is tigger of course!) to revisit this site.

Click through my site to the order page ... then click on the credit card or check order links to get to the Clickbank "Secure Payment Processing" page.
On that page, look at the very last text on the page. (in tiny letters just below their copyright)  You'll see [affiliate = "tigger"] again assuming that your nickname is "tigger".

That's it! You've signed up your account, gotten your *sales link* and tested it! Your link is working perfectly! You can now use "your" link in ANY and ALL advertising that you decide on!

Remember after you sign up ... you will be taken directly to my *Reseller Support* page which will give you all the sales aides, tips, advice that you'll need to make money on "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success"! It would be a good idea to book mark that page for future use!

            Already have a Clickbank account? 
              Send for your sales aides now!

Just send a blank email to ... and you'll automatically receive the URL of the *Reseller Support* page!

Don't wait ... join the reseller program now!

Good luck!

Regardless of if you take advantage of my risk free offer to get access to this incredible information today ... don't forget to subscribe to the "Straight Talker's Forum" ezine thereby getting your two free gifts!
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